Daily Schedule

DAILY SCHEDULE 2:30 – 6:00 p.m.

(Effective 2016. Times are Approximate. Schedule is Subject to Change.)

2:20 West End Elementary rings the bell and releases children going to Kool Kids After School Care.
The school bus pulls into parking lot and drops off kids at our door (does not stop on highway).

2:30 Kids arrive, hang up their backpacks/coats, and may get a drink and use the restroom.

2:40 Kids come to our center area (what we call “Base”) and sit for roll call and are signed “In.”

2:45 Kids participate in “Share Time” to share about field trips, weekend fun, good test grades, etc.

2:50 Kids exercise Mon-Thurs for 5 min. with Brain Gym educational kinesiology movements.

2:55 Kids get hand sanitizer and receive a snack. They may eat during homework time.

3:00 Homework Time begins, then free play. Please see our ASSISTED HOMEWORK POLICY.
On Fridays, kids move right into free play (no homework).

4:15 Kids join in Clean-Up Time. Some students continue any unfinished homework if needed.

4:30 Bible Blip Time. We use non-denominational Christian youth devotional books with a Bible verse and application for their young lives. Various topics are covered, for example, “What should I do if someone bullies me at school?” A Bible verse is reviewed with discussion on children can handle situations. Sometimes we pray with the kids if they want, for example, if they have a sick friend. Other activities include Bible stories, short movies, learning the books of the Bible, Bible trivia, role playing, games, etc.

4:45 Kids participate in organized games.

5:00 Free Play until closing at 6:00 p.m.

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